Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lindo Michoacán

VERDICT: Slightly overpriced, but good Mexican food.

This place has won the Las Vegas Review-Journal Poll's best of Las Vegas award every year since 2004.  I think that poll is rather lame, because I know quite a few crappy places that have won the award.  I'm pretty sure best Mexican restaurant was Taco Bell when I first moved to Las Vegas.  That can certainly tell you what a dearth of local flavor Las Vegas has.

This place basically claims to present the cooking of nuns from Michoacán as interpreted by Javier.  My impression is that this area has more subtle flavors than other areas.  I had the Enchiladas de Mole con Carne for $15.95.  The mole wasn't an overpowering flavor, but accented the enchiladas nicely.  The steak was pounded thin and delicious.  I thought there was too much cheese in the enchiladas.  I honestly thought that "too much cheese" wasn't a phrase I would ever use, but here we are.

Greg had Pollo Sarandeado Estilo "Tia Esther" for $14.95 which is described as grilled chicken breast basted with sarandeado sauce, a selection of dried chiles, secret spices and blended with a touch of mayonnaise.  It was basically a couple chicken breasts with a light flavored oily sauce on it.  It was OK, but not big with the flavor (needed more chiles).

Our entrees came with fideo soup, which was suspiciously a lot like Lipton dried noodle soup with tomato flavoring added.  However, it was good.

Atmosphere:  It was typical restaurant atmosphere.  There was a man with a large mustache singing Mexican songs with a Casio, so bring dollars for tips.  He had a good voice and every once in a while one of the bus boys would try to get close to the mic to sing a few words along with him.

There are these annoying stickers on the corners of all of the tables.  I feel I have to mention them, because they stick out like sore thumbs when you are there.  They look a little like this:

 Multiple locations in Las Vegas, check out the website for details:
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