Thursday, January 28, 2010

Melting Pot

VERDICT: Expensive food that you could make easily at home, but I like it.

I love cheese fondue.  I love the traditional Swiss fondue.  Greg does not like fondue or rather he doesn't like the prepackaged fondue that you can buy in the supermarket.  Luckily, my parents came to town and that throws his vote out the window.  3 to 1, how do you like fondue now, Greg?  They have the whole meal set up in four courses.  First, you have a choice of cheese fondues, followed by a salad.  The main course is an oil or broth fondue where you cook the food that you choose at the table, which is followed by dessert.

Everything was delicious.  The courses seemed to be spread out over a long period time.  I don't know if this slowness was because we had a horrible waiter or if it was on purpose.  Either way, it made for an enjoyable meal that included my mother saying, "Ladies like to eat salads in front of other ladies."  A gem of wisdom that I will never forget.

The dessert is a must have.  I never order dessert in a restaurant, but I'm so glad I did.  It's a chocolate fondue that they give you an assortment of things to dip into including fruit and marshmallows.

The overall opinion of our group was that it was all too expensive.  The cheese and the dessert were the best part, so if you are going and want to save some money just order those (maybe with an extra portion of cheese).  Greg even liked it, but has since refused to ever return because of the price, "Why get it out when you can make it yourself?"  Of course, he never has and I'm way too lazy to deal with even looking up recipes.  That being said, if you really want to save some money, get down that dusty fondue pot that your friend gave you.  It really is a fun and easy dish to make, maybe just pay the Melting Pot a visit to get ideas.
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  1. I did find it expensive but I enjoyed the lengthy service time as it allows for good conversation and relaxing. The food was good and well presented. I agree with your recipe for saving money if you go and I also like your suggestion about doing it at home. We did a chocolate fondue for Christmas desert.

  2. The Chocolate fondue for Christmas was a hit. Lots of fruit and some pound cake cut up was perfect for a light desert.