Thursday, February 25, 2010

Heidi's Brooklyn Deli

VERDICT: Pay the New York price without having to go to New York for these good sandwiches.

I've had on a couple occasions been asked to meet Little Greg at his work, so we can go to lunch together.  On every occasion, I've had to wait for an hour before his break.  Greg always claims, "This never happens!  I always go to break on time".  Way to play dumb, but I'm onto your tricks little one, so watch it.

Anyway, one time, instead of waiting, I went to pick up sandwiches from Heidi's Brooklyn Deli on Charleston.  I found the atmosphere friendly, which Greg later concurred.  The friendly attitude adds a lot, because there are a lot of serious sandwich decisions to be made:  Type of bread?  Toasted?  Meat heated? Side dish?  Type of cheese?  Do you want a pickle on the side? (Yep, they ask that last one).

I had Hell's Kitchen, which was egg salad, bacon, swiss, avocado and a special spicy sauce.  It was delicious, but then again, it was $7.  It comes with a side of either a tiny bag of Lay's potato chips or a tablespoon of potato salad or coleslaw.  The sides are kind of a joke in their size, but after the sandwich I was full.  Greg had the Bronx Bomber, pastrami and egg salad.  Also delicious.

If you are looking for a good sandwich than this is another sandwich stop among many.  It clearly outshines subway and Quiznos, but is on par with Capriotti's.  This place has the added benefit of New York style pricing, which is great for people with too much money.

They also deliver.
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