Monday, February 8, 2010

Original Pancake House at Aliante Station Casino

VERDICT:  New York-style seating (cramped) with over-priced breakfast food, but still good.

UPDATE:  This location is now closed and replaced by a restaurant I've been told is horrid.

I never get to eat breakfast at breakfast places, because they are only open during the hours in which I sleep.  Before you start to think that I'm super lazy, please understand that I worked nights and it would be a daytime equivalent of a restaurant open from 10:00pm to 6:00am.  In other words, this is an operation that was only open while I slept and if you apply heavy-handed philosophy, that means that it didn't really exist....until now.  I'm pleased to announce that I'm daydreaming about quiting my job and have taken to sleeping at night while on hiatus from working.  Greg suggested we go out to breakfast.  This is something that I haven't heard of in seven years.  I jumped on the opportunity.  Although secretly I wanted to go to one of the egg-themed restaurants: Cracked Egg, the Egg and I, or Egg Works.  That's only because I had a dream of eating at a restaurant called "Egg".  I was delighted to learn that there were restaurants with "Egg" in the title upon waking.

The Original Pancake House at Aliante Station Casino is small.  If you don't get in a booth, then you are going to be sitting close to someone that you don't know.  That's fine, but not the best if you are going to break-up, fight, or plan a bank robbery.  Greg and I were not in a fighty mood as we are always in perfect harmony and bank robberies are so white trash.  The seating was not an issue.  I had coffee and it was predictably good; a breakfast place should have good coffee.  I got the bacon lovers special, which seemed like a good idea, but in retrospect I wish I ordered something a little more extravagant.  I got seven pieces of  thick bacon, scrambled eggs and three small pancakes.  The bacon was pretty good, but not the best.  The scrambled eggs were cooked perfectly, which seems easy enough to do.  I have had runny scrambled eggs at other restaurants that I won't name that rhyme with "Lenny's".  In fact, I only order scrambled eggs in restaurants because of the habit of short order cooks of deciding that over-easy and over-medium are the same thing and both should have runny whites.  The pancakes I got with my food were exceptional.  They were just plain pancakes, but they were really good.  I didn't think there was much difference in the quality of plain pancakes, but now I know better.
This is a picture of one of their pancakes...That's not a pancake, that's a meal!!!

Greg's omelet was huge and unique in design and flavor.  It was some sort of corned beef concoction.  I wish I had ordered one of their unique pancakes.  Now that I know that they do pancakes so well, I will have to try them in a future date, as long as I remain happily unemployed.
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