Sunday, February 14, 2010

King's Fish House - Green Valley at The District

VERDICT: A decent seafood chain for Las Vegas.

Greg and I decided to go wild and head to the opposite side of the city to shop at The District, next to Green Valley Ranch.  The District is such a strange area: condos over stores of a outdoor mall.  The really strange part is all the people with dogs in the mall.  Seriously, go and look, they just hang out for hours outside in the mall with their dogs...and they aren't homeless.

I noticed that the Coffee Bean has free Wi-Fi.  If you were going to have a condo in The District, I would have it above the Coffee Bean, then you would never have to pay for internet.  Of course, people that can afford condos in The District and can afford to hang out all day with their dogs in a mall, well, those people can easily afford internet.

Anyway, we were going to go to Lucille's Barbeque, because everyone raves about it, but there was a wait.  We were instantly drawn to King's Fish House.  The outside is decorated with posters declaring lobsters for sale and ichiban sushi.  It was a nice day and Greg immediately said that he wanted to sit outside.  I need to point out that Greg always wants to sit outside at every restaurant and in every weather condition.  I've sat outside in 50 degree weather and in 113 degree weather with Greg.  My knee jerk reaction is always to say "no" to sitting outside now, but today was really nice.  We went inside to get a table and the atmosphere was wonderful with small black and white checkered tiles lining the floor with dark wood walls and furniture.  It reminded me of a traditional fish market restaurant I frequented.  The waitress then walked us through another door into the sushi room, which was decorated more whimsically, but still enjoyable.  Finally, we walked outside and were seated at our stupid table with the traditional vinyl red and white checked table cloth.
If you want atmosphere, eat inside.  It's really nice in there and you can be protected from the elements while you eat.  Greg admitted that even he wished he ate inside in the well decorated restaurant.  The glare from the sun on our menus blinded us, but otherwise sitting outside was decent.

The lobster bisque was average.  My taste in lobster bisque must have been tainted by having exceptional bisque in Maine.  Every time I have lobster bisque now, I'm disappointed.  I was disappointed again.  The flavor was slightly fishy and there was not much in the way of actual lobster bits in the bisque.  I know, I know, bisque is not suppose to have bits in it, but when you've had a lobster bisque with lots of lobster bits in it, you'll never want to eat anything else.  Really, you can't get in your face fast's that good.

Greg had the scallops, which he thought was superb.  The sides are a nice selection ranging from coleslaw (not the best I've had) to a house salad or steamed vegetables.  Most meals come with two sides, which really makes the prices at King's seem reasonable.  I had the King's combo platter, which was a deep fried platter with two scallops, two shrimp and one piece of cod.  In hind sight, I should have avoided the deep fried stuff.  I only choose it because it is usually safe as far as fish goes and well, I do like it.  Next time, I think that I will have no problem ordering something that might ordinarily not be good at other restaurants.  They appear to have fresh seafood and have the added bonus of knowing how to prepare it.
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