Wednesday, February 24, 2010


VERDICT: Good news, it's a whole meal that fits in your hand.  Bad news, it's a whole meal that fits in your hand.

I never tried Qdoba (or its slick twin Chipotle) until recently.  And yes, Chipotle and Qdoba are almost the same restaurant, so feel free to take this to be Chipotle as well.  This is great quick Mexican food for when you want a burrito.  Greg doesn't like burritos because he feels like he doesn't get enough food.  "It's only one thing...that's not a meal".  Wah, wah, wah....what a baby!  I learned that if I get the three tacos instead, he's less likely to complain.
I happened to have discovered the perfect recipe for Qdoba.  Feel free to use it if you desire:
Flour tortilla
Pulled pork
Cilantro-lime rice
Black beans
Sour cream (I have it on good authority, that they add crack to their sour cream.)
Salsa Verde

I didn't think I would like the pork, but then I saw 4 people in a row order it.  I tried it and it is far superior to any of the other meat choices.  By the way, this little meal that I created above runs about 1055 calories!  That is so a meal!  Check out their nutritional calculator.
Qdoba Mexican Grill on Urbanspoon
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