Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris

VERDICT: One of the better strip restaurants.  Good quality and not as overpriced as other dumps.

I love Mon Ami Gabi.  It is one of the few strip steak restaurants I can go to and not feel like I've been mugged afterwards.  This is one of the few restaurants in which I don't mind sitting outside.  It really has the French feel where you can sit, eat and watch the tourists walking by.  As an added bonus, you can see the Bellagio fountains going off across the street.  Greg, who always has to sit outside, is in love with this restaurant as is his mother who calls it, "Mon Amy Gamby".  I always correct her, which leads Greg to say, "You not only correct people's English, but you correct their French as well.  You must be fun at parties."  I am, little Greg, I am.

I always get one of the steak frites, which is just what it says, steak and fries.  My favorite is the Steak Roquefort, covered with bleu cheese.  Next time though, I'm going to have to try the Beef Bourguignon.
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  1. Well I am dissapointed. The name of your Blog is "Las Vegas Restaurants NOT on the STRIP". Hello, Mon Ami Gabi is on the STRIP. Setting all that aside your write-up does not tempt me to try this the next time I am in Las Vegas. I am sure that I would enjoy eating there, even eating outside sounds OK. The fare sounds less than exciting however. Maybe you should start some type of rating system. Others use spoons or diamonds maybe you could use toothpicks or napkins??. On a five point scale you sound like you would give this a three point rating.

  2. I know, I know...but this is a good strip restaurant. Also, strip restaurants are more popular on urbanspoon and make me a more popular blog. I'm all about moving up in the ranks.

  3. So how about some type of ratings on the food, service and the atmosphere? Maybe you could end the write up with that. ??

  4. I don't like ratings. I either like a place or I don't. As for service, it is usually a variable that changes with the server, unless it is clearly a systemic problem.

  5. Larry...don't be a douche...the place is great